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Lot Loans

So you've found that perfect piece of dirt, now what?
Here are your options;
Loan Products:
*30/5 Libor ARM - 5 year Interest Only
*30/5 12 MAT ARM - 5 year Interest Only
*30/2 Fixed Rate - 2 year Interest Only
*30/5 12 MAT P&I ARM Balloon
*30/5 6-Month LIBOR ARM Balloon
*30/2 Fixed Rate Balloon
*Loan Amounts up to $1,000,000
*LTV's up to 95%
*Full and Stated Income Doc Types
*Decision Credit Scores as low as 660
*For future construction of Primary or Second homes
*As little as 6 months PITI reserves
*DTI Ratios up to 45%
*Up to 50 acres