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Market News

In case you didn't catch this article from CNN yesterday, I thought it was worth sharing!

    Indianapolis is riding a few trends that are bringing about an early recovery in its real estate market. While Indiana's capital city did join in the housing boom this decade, prices didn't reach the stratosphere. Indianapolis still suffered through the downturn, though: Building permits for new homes dropped 30 percent from their peak in 2005. But the housing market hit bottom earlier here than in most parts of the country - during the last quarter of 2006. Now, with the local economy poised to grow faster than the national average over the next two years, house prices are projected to post a respectable gain.

    Indianapolis's low unemployment rate has made it a destination for people fleeing cities like Fort Wayne, Gary, and Terre Haute. It's also relatively cushioned from slowdowns in the national economy because more than a third of its workforce is employed in stable sectors like professional and business services, health care, education, and government. Those white-collar corps also help boost Indianapolis's median household income to $50,500 a year. Given that you can buy a four-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home for less than $200,000, that makes the place the nation's most affordable major metro.