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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you our commitment to the education of our Clients and Partners. The job, or should I say the responsibility of any good Loan Originator is not just about the products he or she carries, nor is it just about the service that is offered. The key, many times, to a successful relationship with any client lies in our ability to educate them throughout the entire loan process. Most clients don't understand credit bureaus, what does my credit score mean, what is a good score, what is a bad score, if I pay something off will my score improve and by how much? Many clients are not aware of the plethora of loan products available to them but most importantly how products differ from one another, conforming & non-conforming, ARMs and fixed rates, jumbo & super jumbo, FHA & VA. If a client so chooses, getting a mortgage can be an educational experience, from credit bureaus to mortgages to titlework. Statistics show that the older we get the less we ask the question, why? That may be true, but we are faced with that precise question everyday in our line of work and to help answer it we have put together a line of PowerPoint presentations regarding Credit Bureaus, Mortgages and Construction and Renovation. Our staff would like the opportunity to visit with you, or your entire office, and present one or all of these training modules to you. Maybe you have some new Agents in your office that would like to have a better understanding of the mortgage process, or maybe you would like a refresher considering all of the changes that are taking place in our industry. Capital Mortgage Solutions is committed to Education, give us a call and let us help you, or your whole office!