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Today's Market 

This is my first e-mail campaign of 2009 and I am sending it with a great deal of optimism. The last couple of months have certainly given us a boost of enthusiasm with lower rates and a dramatic increase in purchase, as well as refinance transactions. We all know that reducing our current inventory will be beneficial in so many ways, and with the cost of funds continuing to decline, I believe we are in for a great year ahead! I am prepared to help you and your clients in any way that I can, I will be starting this month with Lunch & Learn seminars which I would be glad to conduct in your office with you or your entire staff. I will be hosting Broker Opens throughout the city to help bring about exposure as well as financing alternatives to your current listing or spec home.

     Give me a call and let me know how I can be of service to you or your clients, let's roll up our sleeves and have a great year!